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    First vid with Tyler (prokanda on xtube)

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    thebigbearcave asked: Hi there, those clips you are posting, of the big men in sexual situations in films, they are french, right? Thanks for posting them, I enjoyed them very much ♥ it is unreal, in America these bigger men are never on film in sexual situations. rarely

    Hi, glad you liked. They are from all around the world, some french, some spanish, some italian, some american too, etc..

    My intent is exactly to show that also big men are attractive. They need to be proud of their bodies and don’t care about the wrong “skinny fashion victim” models on media.

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    Anonymous asked: How do you embed a m4v video? Video seems to be tou media choice. Lvshitpig

    You just need to copy the embed link from the original video page and then paste it on the video section of tumblr

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    fur-iosity asked: Love the blog!

    Thank you man!

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    Geoffrey Dolan - The Almighty Johnsons 3x07 (Bears/Chubs on TV)

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    Anonymous asked: have a chat only for bears? with webcam like chatroulette please

    There is Bearchatroulette (www.bearchatroulette.com) but seems like noone is ever on.

    The best is Cam4 (www.cam4.com) with lot of bears around….

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    typocub asked: ciao bel ciccio. come stai? :)

    Ciao bearsharer e benvenuto su tumblr. Tutto bene grazie, mi spiace ma non sono ciccio. Leggi a questo link

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    Damiano submission

    Damiano submission

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    fur-iosity asked: I saw you just got an ask concerning nudetime63 a few days ago....I thought he had "retired" for good this time. Has he been back recently?

    It seems not, but i don’t care about anymore.

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    Locker Room Encounters

    Locker Room Encounters

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    Anon fuck - daddy pounds my ass (noles99 on xtube)

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    Gangbang with daddies, chubs & bears 2 (latest video on lfbears xtube profile)

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ENGLISH: Hello, i'm just an italian guy with passion of Bears, Daddies and all kind of fat and if possible hairy men.

ESPANOL: Hola, soy un hombre italiano que tiene la pasion por los Osos, Papis y todos los gordos si posible peludos. Solamente los hombres masculinos son bienvenidos!

FRANCAIS: Salut, je suis un homme italien avec la passion pour les ours, daddies et tous les hommes gros et poilu. Seulement les hommes masculine sont bienvenu!

ITALIANO: Ciao, sono semplicemente un uomo italiano con la passione per orsi, maturi e tutti i tipi di uomini in carne e se possibile anche pelosi. Solamente uomini maschili sono i benvenuti!




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